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23F Selling Nudes and Vids to those who are worhy :P


hey everyone! i have no choice so i am looking to sell some of my nudes and vids if you are interested…
plz add me on kik TheBlueRoseStephania
rude assholes are not welcome!!

We can keep sexting … if you can make me happy i l make you happy those are the rules!


Hi everyone :smiley: i would like try myself at selling my self one more time so if you are interested please add me on kik, usernames is thebluerosestephania… rude people please find someone else :smiley:


hey i cant find your kik username in search on kik. I am 33hardman message me back


<3<3<3<3 I have nudes and vids but i also made some jerk of instruction audios for those that are into that :smiley: i was not lazy


Online again. Please state in your message why are you texting me cause i get a lot of spamm :smiley:
22F. Offering Vids,Nudes,Joi and Karma points
Skillful and colorful thats me


Baby, this is what you came for
Lightning strikes every time she moves
And everybody’s watching her
But she’s looking at you… <3


Yes we can dance
But you gotta watch your hands
Watch me all night
I move under the light because I understand
That we all need love, and I’m not afraid
I feel the love but I don’t feel that way…<3


Buy my nudes, dont wait
I am polite, so dont hate
Love me cause i am great
In form of rhymes i made bait!
So Cum For Me now before its too LATE!!!

hhahahahha <3


Trying to earn some money for ps4 :blush: Kingdom hearts 3 <3


I need some new fans…<3


I made audio files that i envisioned as jerk of instructions :slight_smile: way hotter then sexting :slight_smile:

also please state your purpose, age and something cool, so i can see your message and respond ASAP


:blush: :blush:


So shine bright… tonight…
you and I… <3

I was sick and offline so i apologize to anyone i missed. Its just happens that i have to be back :smiley: <3 State your cause and age and i ll respond ASAP :stuck_out_tongue: <3


i wish that anyone actually read through this shit hahhaa


Admiration , appreciation, attention. Three things that every girl needs… I hope i can find someone like that… In a meantime… please get some of my stuff… If you want to know everything you will get… please talk to me

Username is TheBlueRoseStephania.


what are you afteR? Like I have nudes but i also have some hot vids i made… and some audio files i envisioned as jerk of instructions to be listened with headphones while you stroke that cock of yours :slight_smile:


nobody reads this no one cares about me i can type whatever babkabskdabkbhhabshbdsajbjbghjbas xD :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


audio files are me dirty talking moaning, masturbating, telling some story… pretending to be your girl or i simulate sex

i like making those and i made them to save me time from sexting :slight_smile:

vids are of me masturbating with a dildo and a vibrator…even a little of dp but nothing too shocking… a bit of oil on tits :wink: playing with my toys a bit etc… i dont want to reveal all my cards right away haha


i used to be an adventurer like you… then i took an arrow in the knee


I want my ps4 :frowning: help me buy it! god damit!!!